What is Esports?

Brothers Esports

The full meaning of Esports is Electronic Sports. Just as you can earn fame and money by playing ordinary games like cricket and football at the international level, you can earn fame and money by playing Esports.

It started with the first competition in 1970 and tens of thousands of participants participated there. The Twin Galaxies first promoted it and entered the Guinness Book of World Records.

As the Internet spread around the world in the 1990' s and gained popularity, various companies began to sponsor.

In 1996, the RED ANNIHILATION Tournament organized Esports with 200 competing teams. This is the first Esports event in the world.

In 2002, thousands of major international companies hosted the Electronic Sports World Cup 2002 through Esports.

The 2018 International Tournament, the biggest prize, was organized in 2016 at a cost of ১১ 110.7 million.

At present Esports has reached a much larger stage and will be even bigger in the future. And in 2024 it will be added to the Olympics for the first time.